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Who We Are

Caris Green, 2022 senior at graduation

Together, we are Spartan Strong!

It all began in the sixth year of the sixties, which is actually the seventh year of the decade (think about it).  But don't worry about it too much; we'll be wooing by the end of the next verse in the Alma Mater.

Our zip code is 70737, and we are proud of that because it means we are from Gonzales, Louisiana, the Jambalaya Capital of the World.  We are jambalaya lovers and will fully admit it.  You're probably eating a bowl now and we're already discussing when we'll cook our next pot.  We are a home-grown school in the middle of our home town.  We "grow" scholars, craftsman and heroes.  Like our sign says: Gonzales - "We've Got it All" ...doctors, teachers, lawyers, mayors, soldiers, Parish Presidents, business owners, state legislators, police officers, fire fighters, school district superintendents and professional athletes who are proud to call EA home.  We will not apologize for living in the city.  It's home.  We are Eatel, SACS Western Store, Jumonville's Bakery, Lamendola's and Jambalaya Shoppe.  We shop locally; our friend chicken is from Leader's.  We long for a poboy from Marchand's, but Mike's will do just fine!  We have celebrated victories at Dalton's, but we now revel in the bread pudding at Carli-Co.  Our field goals hit Landry's PharmacyBurnside is our avenue and "The Airline" is our highway.

We have the Mall to gather in the morning to start our school day.  Thousands of Spartans have walked our halls for OVER 50 years.  The Gators broke off in '79 and the Griffins flew away in '02.  Our seniors wear the same homemade shirt for the last 30 days of school.  Our teachers care.  Our students are passionate.  Our pep rallies are rowdy.  We train to be a Spartan Athlete.  We work hard bell to bell.  We strive to be a Spartan Cheerleader.  We live to be a Spartanette.  The Pride of EA is our B-A-N-D. But we all take time to hail the mighty Spartan.

The Oaks on Burnside have returned.  The best days are yet to come.  We graduate at Spartan Stadium.  We don't want to leave, yet we know we are prepared for the opportunities of the future.  We cap off four years of high school achievement with a childhood dream of jumping in "the pond."  We are 5:00 a.m. Gator Hunters and don't need any sleep to find them.  We are ROYAL BLUE AND YELLOW, not gold.  The memories will linger and our love will press ever onward.



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